SEDUCTION II: it rrrrocked to the (new) beat!

Photo by Maarten Nauw

Photo by Maarten Nauw

Seduction II was amazing, I thank you all thank you all for being part of Club Lederhosen ‘s SEDUCTION II: New Beat last Saturday, thanks for all support Canvas crew + staff: Alex Mir, Mick Groeneveld & Daan de Wit for making this possible! Local support: 22tracks & Red Light Radio & Dark Allies & DJBroadcast & MARY GO WILD  & Elle

And everyone else who supported this and came by to dance and thank you to my friends you know who you are. Bas Mantel for the beautiful graphic artwork and video. A VERY BIG THANK YOU to these guys for your incredible dedication to music Eddy De Clercq you absolutely RRRROCK TO THE (NEW) BEAT (S) and so did Handless DJ (Pablo Saccomano) & Raderkraft ( Willem Stinissen) ! ! !

Photos are up on the Club Lederhosen page, taken by Maarten Nauw.

A part recorded of Eddy’s set, plus at the end (01:26:20 Handless DJ and my two closing tracks of the night.