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Tamara van der Laarse, dj & producer of electronic music, audio-graphic designer, catwalk music. As a child she was classically trained in music from the age of six and always fascinated by recording her own voice and sounds of airplanes flying over, with use of her mothers tape recorder.
She studied audio visual arts & graphic design at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and prefers to work on a conceptual level with music and sound. Biography about me is here.

The audio-graphic project The No, she combines graphic design with music and only performs live on special requests, preferably working with visual artists or dancers.

2680_64070168037_6928923_nNo Disco
exhibition Unknown Pleasures
Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen 2008. Installation with no remix. (as used without persmission but able to hear privately)
Photo by Lutz Baumann.

After movie exhibition:

She released some of her own electronic  productions on different compilations since 2006, amongst them:  “Pleasant Malfunctions” (Gonzo Circus), “Radio in my head” (Huisvredebreuk, Plattegrond)

The No also remixed the Dutch soundartist Machinefabriek and the infamous noiserock duo from Amsterdam, The Moi Non Plus (The Moi Non Plus Remixed, Subbacultcha!).

Again, discovered by the Belgians…In January 2008 she was personally invited by 2 Many Dj’s to perform live as The No in Paradiso during their 2 day Radio Soulwax party, where she shared the bill with Riton, Brodinski, Soulwax, Digitalism,2 Many Dj’s. She got many compliments, also from one of her inspiring artists, Stephen Dewaele (Soulwax, 2 Many Dj’s) who introduced her to a friend saying: “ She makes music for the future, best electronic act from The Netherlands.”


In 2013 she released an exclusive track for the 100th edition of Mind The Gap, compilation from Gonzo Circus. Titled: Scrumptious Monster. Taken from the Gonzo site: One century ago futurist painter and composer Luigi Russolo published his famous manifesto ‘The Art of Noises. One hundred years later Gonzo (circus) magazine publishes a new manifesto by Adam Harper, author of ‘Infinite Music’. The manifesto comes with the special edition of Mind The Gap #100 with tracks by 13 musicians introducing some possible new futures of music. Read the tracklist here or order your copy of Gonzo (circus) #113 + Mind The Gap #100 here.



12 May 2014: The No remix for Hunter Complex. Hours is the second single from the Hunter Complex lp Heat. The single contains remixes by The No and Drvg Cvltvre. You can buy a download via Narrominded. I’m quite proud of this one, and additional productions by Salvador Breed!

Re-release of the Hunter Complex remix on Gonzo Circus’ Mint The Gap in August 2014


Haperende Mens Mixje

The No on the book of faces . / The No on the clouds of soundIMG_7022



Hunter Complex “The Hours” (Mind The Gap, Gonzo Circus)
Serious Glass – The No remix
Hunter Complex “The Hours” (Narrominded)
Serious Glass – The No remix
Mind The Gap #100 (Gonzo Circus)
Scrumptious Monster (exclusive)
The Moi Non Plus Remixed (Subbacultcha!)
I Lie – The No remix
No Demo – The No (own distibution)
v/a Nieuwbouw (Plattegrond Records)
Requiem For Get Records – The No
Kruimeldief (Machinefabriek Remixed)
Kruimelfief – The No remix
v/a Electronic Bible Volume 3 (White Label Music/ITunes)
I think you’re pretty – The No
Huisvredebreuk nr1 (Plattegrond Records)
Radio in my head – The No
Mind the Gap # 60 (Gonzo Circus Magazine)

Pleasant Malfunctions – The No


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