Red Light Radio 10 May


Club Lederhosen is on Red Light Radio again, with me (Tamara) Tuesday 1oth May 14:00 – 15:00 tune in :

My radio mix from yesterdays session at Red Light Radio, it was quite warm in the studio so it’s not a flawless mix, but all for the love of electronic music, new beat, dark electro and few synth-wave tracks. I’d like to dedicate this to some of my dear friends, who I miss, some live far away and we used to go out together and play records, wherever that was possible, until the sunrise of the next morning.

Some are sadly not around anymore, who taught me a lot about music, who bought me some influential 12-inches I still play today. And a shout out to these artists whose music I have been enjoying for so many years! I kick off with one of my own (unreleased) tracks “This is a lovesong”. Followed by Arbeid Adelt, Klanken, Dr Phibes, Channel X, The Parallax Corporation, Essaie Pas, John Foxx (Dave Clarke remix), Broken English Club, Mr Fingers, Legowelt. Xaver Von Treyer, Major Problem.