Fashion Rave was very successful!


What a night it was..very cosy and “gezellig” as they say in Dutch. The fashion rave was quite sponaneous, pure and mostly a lot of fun. Nice to see several designers in the audience such as Karim Adduchi, Zyanya Keizer and more. (what happened at the fashion rave, stays at the fashion rave) There was a young man dancing in his dress, I said I liked his dress, he proudly said it’s his mothers dress. One of my favorite professional audiofreak’s Salvador, was kicking off the night with his set of electronic, idm-minimal-rave tracks, followed later by the 1st fashion performance of that night with Ting Gong. Her model was wearing a fluorescent piece, she was wrapped in cloth, that created an extra layer, like a flower she was unwrapped. The audience could help a hand with holding the fabric and the model was dancing, moving on the music.



2nd artist to perform was Boris Scorpio (Hein Verhoeven) with his modular synthesizer, making a “dark moody autumn techno” set, that could have kept going forever. His beats and sounds are so delicate and powerful, also set the soundtrack to the 2nd fashion performance, by Laura Dubourjar-Berge for designer Marianna Ladreyt and her beautiful toga-bomberjacket. She moved on the sounds and rough beats from Boris, who then again improvised on her movements.


3rd dj to hit the stage, including his acid-smiley lamp was Freek Fabricius (030303) who managed to mix dark edgy dance with electro and even a little italo at the end. For the last fashion designer Tijme Veldt, who had two models and one new look he created as a teaser from his upcoming collection, with black lines, and ribbons on white fabric. Plus his outfit he created earlier for an exhbition, with red paint on it, which I love a lot, so very David Bowie-style.