My favorite Rave tunes


#01. Channel X – Rave The Rhythm

This must have been the 1st time ever, when I heard rave sounds. I was 15 and watching the movie “Basic Instinct’, I had no idea what came over me and the soundtrack I could not order anywhere. (and there was no youtube, no internet) Channel X (are also Lords Of Acid)


#02. Altern 8 – Come With Me

A highly influential rave duo from the UK. Formed in Stafford in 1990 after the dissolution of previous alias Nexus 21. Known for an iconic chemical warfare image and a hardcore sound typified by the seminal “Frequency” single. The masks, the outfits, the typical dance moves, love it. This is not their best one but somehow the video & graphics are almost romantic nostalgic.

#03 Outlander – The Vamp
Marcos Salon, signed with R & S and adopted the pseudo OUTLANDER. In this solo capacity he has since then produced an impressive amalgam of refined and hybrid techno (e.g. the massive Vamp), was responsible for a number of innovative releases in the mysterious T(est) Z(one) series and brought crowds to sheer ecstasy playing live at raves in Europe and America. This one my friend once played during our annual Queensday Streetrave, people went crazy!

#04. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
This one need no introduction, the most timeless track I know (I think), there is even an art exhibition currently running in Antwerp, also titles “Energy Flash“, must see!

#05. Aphex Twin – Power Pill Pacman