Fashion Rave 16-09-16

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Club Lederhosen is supporting underground dance music and this edition it’s rave time! This night is celebrating a mixture of early nineties influence, from electro to acid house, techno, electronic bounciness galore. With SALVADOR: professional audiofreak, producer & sound sculptor (fashion, art, performances). FREEK FABRICIUS: renown for his dedicated contribution to IDM, aciiiiiiiiiiid, electro and much more. BORIS SCORPIO: a modular synth live act.
Club Lederhosen emphasizes multidisciplinary collaborations with artists, djs and designers. This edition young fashion designers are invited, whose work I found somehow conceptually connected with the rave era, though they are from another generation, how timeless is the image of fashion?

Salvador, Freek Fabricius (030303), Boris Scorpio (modular synth live act)
+ fashion designers: Marianna Ladreyt, Ting Gong, Tijme Veldt
Adres: Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Tickets: pre sale 8 (excl service fee) / 10 euro at the door


Making and discovering sounds and music, he is eager to find new spaces; a big heart for experimental electronic things, cheesy organ tracks, obscure beats and rubbery acid lines.During the night, these adventures translate to dj set full of danceable colours and weird psychedelic animals talking to you.


Freek Fabricius (030303)
Freek is a very generous dj, his style has no conventions, he can not be pigeon-holed. Filthy electro, funky acid, dirty disco, melodic electronics and intelligent techno. Fabricius is also a member of the illustrious 030303 collective and record label. He shared the stage with legends such as Legowelt, Ceephax Acid Crew, Aphex Twin, Autechre. During his dj sets he takes you on a musical trip and he is always elegantly dressed in smile. We are thrilled to have this rave champ at this edition!


Boris Scorpio
Boris is the new alter ego of the legendary Gameboys A Gogo, who is reknown for raving up the crowd, pumping huge beats from tiny devices, his gameboys. Boris Scorpio takes you on a trip through his wicked universe with pulsating drones and psyched out rhythms. Modular synth vs Gameboy extravaganza!



Ting Gong (1988, China)The experience of space, a sense of belonging and the notion of authentic values are the elements behind Ting’s work. She communicates these through her sculptural garments, in which she challenges herself to use different media to layout a body-related exploration.

tijme veldt 10

Tijme Veldt (15 juli 1991, NL) fotografie: Florian Joahn, styling: Jean Paul Paula

These days we are constantly working on the way we perform life. We do not show what we do, we do what we show. In his collections he shows this aspect that we are all posing life. This translates in a collection consisting daily wear like suits, trenchcoats, but also puffer jackets and tank tops. These outfits are only shown from one side, because this is the only side that counts, and the other side is being forgotten. The side that will be forgotten will be missing, or falling apart. It is only about beauty basically. He basically constructs his collection with decorative items, like stripe patterns, check patterns, or shows only one side of a velvet suit and paints a check on a coat to show the way to show your beauty.


Marianna Ladreyt (8 januari 1990, FR) image photo credit : Klemen Ilovar

Scholarly by nature, Marianna Ladreyt, who is of Cypriot and French blood, enjoyed theoretical studies in art and philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris before making contact with the practice doing Fine Arts at ISDAT in Toulouse. A recurring theme in Marianna’s work is ‘trompe-l’oeil’, illusions that, if only for a second, trick the eye and make us aware of our subconscious reflex to interpret sensory information. This relates to her fascination for the Greek toga, a flat piece of fabric that is just knotted somewhere to create its volume, that is there to protect and serve the body, it’s beauty universally recognized. No stitches. “For my thesis, I did research on the ‘flaneur’, this poetic figure of the stroller, the observing and contemplating wanderer who never stops trying to understand the world. What if it were but a décor with changing sets? In my graduation collection, the flâneur became a true adventurer and the togas got stitches.” ( text by Mo Veld)

upcoming exhibitions : SELECTED group exhibition with the nominees of the Rietveld prize 2016 ( september 24rd – october 2nd) at Looiersgracht 60)