Seduction II: New Beat

FB-Club Lederhosengraphic design by Bas Mantel (Kades-Kaden)


Amsterdam, 2nd
February 2016,

Eddy De Clercq invited for New Beat-inspired evening in Canvas
Underground dance evening SEDUCTION NEW BEAT II with Belgian influences

Canvas goes back to the glorious times of New Beat. This underground electronic event, with music made in Belgium in the late eighties, is taking place on Saturday 26th. March,with dj/pioneer Eddy de Clercq.

Eddy De Clercq returns after his performance in December back to Canvas, to play music from the early days of his career for a DJ set on Seduction II New Beat. It’s the second edition of Seduction, a club concept initiated by Tamara van der Laarse. Seduction is about seducing and searching for an experiment, bringing together different DJs, graphic designers and artists, depending on it’s theme.

Van der Laarse is looking for something in the Amsterdam nightlife. “I miss a piece of (musical) extravaganza in the scene of Amsterdam. This evening is mainly focusing on the atmosphere & music, I want to try to create a place for people who are looking for something different, who feel connected to this particular music and its connotations in openness. There are no dress codes, but anything is excepted.

The previous edition of Seduction (i.w.c Knekelhuis) was experimental, obscure and dark with artists Veronica Vasicka, Orgue Electronique and Interstellar Funk and a fashion performance with Verena Michels. Don’t expect any nostalgia on the 26th of March, but an evening where electronic music from Belgium late 80’s era will inspire the choice of records of the DJs. Seduction II will breathe the atmosphere of new beat.

Eddy De Clercq: Nice,great idea to use new beat as inspiration, I can do something with that.”

In the lineup of Seduction II New Beat are two (Belgian) DJs who both represent two generations. Eddy De Clercq, who was one of the first to introduce house, electro and new beat music to the Netherlands, who let club Roxy shine in its glory days, as a dj and co-owner. Pablo Saccomano is a young dj from Brussels, (Handless DJ) who is known for his great taste in dancemusic and blends in anything that goes well with his audience. He has performed several times at parties with Club Lederhosen and SOTU Festival in Amsterdam, in Brussels Handless DJ is connected with the dance scene and, like Eddy, he is addicted to collecting records. The Amsterdam based Raderkraft is doing a minimal wave-electro live act.

handless dj fuse by stelmaszewski

Handless DJ, photo by Stelmaszewski



Initiator Tamara van der Laarse has been a fan of this Belgian underground music and was emphasized by seeing the phenomenal documentary The Sound Of Belgium (Joseph Defillé, 2012) about the rise and fall of New Beat. “I absolutely love the dark and sexy electronic music. I hear total freedom, and still many years later, this distinctive sound has quite some influence on contemporary dance and electronic music, but also see the influence of that era back in designs from young fashion designers, who are from another generation. “

Event:Seduction II: New Beat,

Eddy De Clercq, Handless DJ, Raderkraft

March 26 2016 /  Canvas (Volkshotel), Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam
8euro presale, 10 euro before 00:30 hours, then 12 euro 

Seduction II is the follow up of the legendary first edition, (two years ago at Doka), a collaboration between Knekelhuis & Club Lederhosen. Initiated by Tamara van der Laarse – a music designer & dj for fashion shows and sound art – she produces (sometimes multi disciplinary) events, creating a space for those who are searching for a new adventure in the Amsterdam nightlife.



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