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artwork by Ill Studio

artwork by Ill Studio

DEEWEE / Die Verboten = 2 MANY DJs (Soulwax)
Ah, finally something too listen to, as I am quite a music nerd and thrilled to hear new sounds from those 2 djs from Gent. If you have no clue, well I suggest you go to the nearest record store and look under Soulwax and enjoy. You’ve missed out on, at least the last 17 years, or no, even more. Legendary concerts and parties and these guys have reinvented themselves v.s music formats and many genres of music. To dance to. To cry to. And so on.  Erhm…anyway: after many years, the Dewaele brothers finally started their own record label!

This is the second release on their new DEEWEE label is a 12″ by Klanken, “Twee”

DIE VERBOTEN is a four-piece band—in addition to the Dewaele brothers, there’s Fergus ‘Fergadelic’ Purcell and Henry Riton. The album, which is made up of five tracks, was originally written and recorded in 2007. It lay dormant for eight years before the Dewaele brothers dug it out and mixed it at Deewee studios in Belgium this year. The group describes their sound as “space rock,” with live drums and synths. It arrives six years on from the first Die Verboten record, Live In Eivissa, which came out via The Vinyl Factory in 2009. Due out October 30th, 2007 will be the third record on the Dewaele brothers’ new label, Deewee, which launched this month with an EP from Klanken. source: Resident Advisor

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