Docu: Montage Of Heck (Kurt Cobain)


Montage Of Heck

Kurt Cobain from his earliest years in this visceral and detailed cinematic insight of an artist at odds with his surroundings. One of the most intimate artist documentaries I have ever seen, I felt like a voyeurist the whole time. It’s excruciating, somehow after all these years. I remember most of the news items on Kurt, when there was MTV-news at the time. It is beautifully created with so much care of with use of Kurt’s private tape recordings, diary notes and sketches of his songwritings, his loves and his family. The animated parts by Hisko Hulsing are so delicate and so emotional, it truly gave me pain in my stomach, afterwards. It zooms in at someones private thoughts, his problems and his struggles in his early life, we all remember how it felt being 17 / 18 years old.

It’s almost a little time machine, it took me back to my own private thoughts, twenty-one years ago. Pfffffggh! I did listen to Nirvana’s music and still regret I did not go to see them live in concert. I was a grunge girl, without green hair 🙂 People say that you get to know Kurt Cobain, seeing this film, well maybe a little bit but I guess the only ones can say that who actually knew him. It is heartbreaking but worth watching for two hours. I saw it in the cinema, it was sold out and no air conditioning or break and the music is (obviously) loud. But it’s interesting to get the glimpse of an artist’ mind and his ways of expression, writing, recording, painting and making tapes, locking yourself up in a room, just to be alone and work on things. It’s certainly not an easy process, very recognizable, I have an archive as well, but would ever want my personal notes to be made into a movie 🙂 It gets under your skin, entering the mind of an artist like this, well he’s was stuck in my head for sure the next day!