A Number Of Names ( 24-01-15, one night pop up photo expo)

A number of names COVER1 Night Pop up Photo Exhibition, by Mathias Schmitt (Koln) i.c.w Club Lederhosen at Werkplaats (Volkshotel)
+ music by: Handless DJ (High Needs Low, Brussels) & Nikolai van Zeeland (Amsterdam)
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About A Number Of Names:
As a major city for automobile manufacturing, Detroit was not only reputable for its economical comfort and fulfillment, it was also an imprint of the music industry regarding Soul, Funk and R&B mainly within Motown Records. That was back in the days.Although we no longer see the fame and glory from the good times, the Detroit of today still holds on to the remains of the essence. The spirit of the city has changed its form and now became a globally recognized and influential scene for House & Techno music culture. This culture has become a passion of mine throughout most of my adult life.

Driven by the curiosity of how Detroit as a city transformed around time and the evolution
of its music scene, I tried to capture frames of feelings from a city that has undergone dramatic changes. Sometimes focusing on the unseen and ignored details in order to explore and create a view on the Detroit of today, I aimed to display the people of Detroit mainly the artists and their adaptation to times of insufficiency.

Musicians live their music, they adapt by transferring their hope into their sounds. They give voice to their thoughts about everyday life experiences by simply making music. But when there is no optimistic perspective and scenes of empty streets, abandoned houses, homeless people, drug corners, crime and corruption becomes overwhelming where do we find hope?



Mathias Matteo Schmitt:
“Music was always been a very important influence to me. At one day i found photography and recognized that the handling, the “using” of the medium, the way of expression had a lot in common with music so this is the perfect symbiosis nowadays. After I have seen Wolfgang Tillmans “BURG” it was clear: I want to do the same and self-taught cameras. Flattered by the visual feeling I felt quick that Wolfgang’s photos are more as just that what they depict so I studied photography. My passion for music and photography gave me this.”

Two vinyls junkies who met each other on a birthday from a mutual friend, both carrying a Rush Hour-tote bag, their favorite record store. Soon they discovered their mutual passion for music, whenever they are behind the decks: two peas in a pod, peanut-butter and jam…and just perfect for this occasion.

Handless_DJ.jpgPhoto credit Pablo: Pierre Noisiez

Handless DJ is a Brussels based dj. Building the underground parties High Needs Low, he’s now resident for the legendary Fuse club, where he just recently shared the stage with Theo Parrish, playing righ after him. Handless DJ (aka Pablo Saccomano) delivers colourfull sets, from a chicagoish -jacking-nebula sound to a more classical detroit oriented house, via italo disco & electro. https://soundcloud.com/handlessdj


niko-dansen Nikolai Van Zeeland : playing since early ’90’s who’s always looking on the edges of the spectrum.     Connecting the dots between a broad spectrum of underground dance music; his styles go from from disco, to jazzfunk, post­punk, no wave, loft classics, NY Deephouse, detroit techno, chicago house. http://www.mixcloud.com/nikolaivanzeeland/


Saturday 24 January 2015

Werkplaats (at Volkshotel)
Wibautstraat 150
1091 GR Amsterdam