Inspiration: Under The Skin (movie)


Under The Skin is one of the most seductive movies I have seen in a long time. If you enjoy long (visual) shots and almost no dialogues and a high level of abstract storytelling than you will love this. Directed by Jonathan Glazer, who has created advertisement videos and music video’s and most certainly I remember watching them, these were quite haunted, for example from UNKLE and Radiohead. Scarlett Johansson is magnificent in this extraterrestrial character, who seduces men in Glasgow.

I won’t say much more about Under The Skin, the title is beautifully chosen and so is the soundtrack, extremely sensual & eerie music, composed by Mica Levi who made her debut here with this wonderful composition and I find the whole sound design of this film so carefully made. Ofcourse I am paying attention always to music and how things sound and come together with moving images, but here it is striking, the combination of modern classical and minimal sounds, almost musique concrète style, which is not the easiest to use in time length of a full soundtrack.

I read some interviews after having seen it and they confirmed my curiosity, so I can advise anybody to do so. Sometimes a review can spoil the fun for me while watching a movie. Because that can sometimes influence it so much, a writer’s opinion, can totally ruin one’s personal perspective and thoughts on what they see or hear or explain the plot. Would be damaging to the full on experience of watching it, it took Jonathan Glazer nine years to create this incredible work of art.



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