Gerrit Rietveld Academie Fashion Show 15 June 2014

Fashion department of Gerrit Rietveld Academie has asked me to produce the sound score again for the graduation year. I’m honoured and because last year was so amazing! This year’s setting is on a spectacular location and the assigment is also ncluded to use the space / echo within the sound track for the fashonshow. So basically  am designing in two ways, 1) for the 11 graduates, 2) for the building, i’m so excited for this conceptual project that is really what I love to do.  More info on tickets etc on the event page.

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie fashion department presents Carlynn Armour, Anne-Rixt Guest, Katja Hannula, Jurjen van Houte, Fien Ploeger, Marcel Kröpfl, Marije Seijn, Tijme Veldt, Simon Lextrait, Klára Valkova and Mikolaj Kocon. The Rietveld Academie challenges its fashion students to approach their subject in an open and experimental way, to study fashion in relation to the human body, to explore boundaries and not be afraid to cross them. The Fashion Show is the result of a creative, personal and authentic learning process in which the students each develop their own visual language and vision.



Foto by me

Upon request from many people who heard my set yesterday, here is my setlist: You can watch the show here via Event Producent Walk in music: Raymond Scott: Portofino, Lady Gaylord, Baltimore gas & electric co, The space myserty, In the hall of the mountain queen, Bufferin memories. (Manhattan Research, 1950’s-1960’s) Balanescu Quartet: Robots, The Model, Autobahn (Possessed) Here you can watch that before the, walk in audience.

00:00 – 07:56 1st Year show: Bahk (Bouk Bouwmeester) – Funny Setting

07:56 – 2nd Years show: Oubys – SQM Motcom 16-44

3rd Years graduates:

20:49 – 01 Anne-Rixt Guest: intro Haxan Cloak – The Mirror Refelecting Pt 1, Horsekick – Hallo

25:54 – 02 Tijme Veldt: intro The Puppetini Sisters – Mr Sandman, Boards of CanadaUritual, Aphex Twin

28:20 – 03 Katja Hannula: Siriusmo – Nights Off

33:06 – 04 Mikolaj Kocon: Biosphere – Chuking

36:23 – 05 Simon Lextrait: Oni Ayhun OAR001 AR

39:50 – 06 Klára Valkova: Cute Heels – Watch The Neon

43:26 – 07 Fien Ploeger: Special mix by Joost van Bellen & Sander Stenger

47:37 –  08 Marije Seijn: intro voices Grey Gardens documentary, mixed live with intro loop: Bjork (cocoon),  TM404 (Andreas Tilliander) 202/202/303/303/606

51:10 – 09 Carlynn Armour: Nils Frahm – More

58:09 10 Marcel Kröpfl: intro Mozart requiem tibetan monks gregorian requiem – Hostias, mixed live with Oubys – Crouch End and Harmony  (unfortunately in the video the sound starts clipping, until the end of the show video, but live it was fine, so this was not my fault..)

01:01:14 – 11 Jurjen van Houte: Greg Haines – Snow Airport

01:05:24 – Finale: Aphex Twin – Fingerbib, Aphex Twin – On


Photo by Nienke Doekes. (with model from designer Klara Valkova)

I’d like to send out special thank you to: Kim Vos (BDifferent) Art & Catwalk Direction. Py Tswang-Jin, Head of Production, and Niels Klavers (Head Fashion Department Gerrit Rietveld Academie) for requesting an abstract sound score for this show. All the graduates, it was a great pleasure, good luck to you all! Nienke Doekes for making photos, can’t wait to see them. Eric Lake for filming, I’m very curious! Also special thanks to Oubys (Wannes Kolf) for sending me exclusive material for an echo space, this worked so good. And Boul Bouwmeester for the beautiful piece of ambient “Funny Setting”, it was not too loud, just perfect.


NRC: “Opmerkelijk genoeg was de eindexamenshow dit jaar opmerkelijk gelikt en professioneel” – Milou van Rossum

Hholyblogspot: ” The music throughout the whole show was like one extremely extense song. It was mixed in such way so that each designer showing could translate the vibes they wanted the crowd to feel, but still seem like the show was one big fashion performance under the same music, so: same but subliminally different.



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