Artez 5/6 June

artez_posterGraduation show for Artez Fashion Design Academy, music direction by me in collaboration with Salvador Breed we have designed a sound score score for the 4th year, for 21 fashion graduates, a soundtrack with a landscape of different layers, textures and sounds, combining elements of various emotions. Musical styles from electronic, to pop, modern classical, abstract and heavy dancy things. We used their inspiration music and or adjusted for this special mix, for the 21 graduates:  Karin Vlug (who just won the Frans Moelenaar Award !) Veva vd Wolf, Nathalie Moens, Adinda Bonger, Susanne Venbrux, Cathelijn Wagenaar, Chris Wienk, Lisa Konno,Beri Cemal, Pui-Yie Au, Iris Merks, Hiu Fung Lau, Sinead O’Dwyer, Wieke Sinnige (who requested something abstact, so I choose Raymond Scott’s Backwards Overload), Vera Roggli, Chiara Siahaan, Akelei Loos, Loes van Nijnatten, Lily Kleipool, Joyce van Seggelen, Charotte Henskens.

Vogue mentioned the music: Harde opzwepende muziek. 🙂

Artez overview on storyfy, with bits and pieces from the show.

Thanks to the wonderful catwalk director Kim Vos (Bdifferent), always a true pleasure to work with!

Show opener: Karin Vlug

Sinead O’Dwyer – Music: Modeselektor – Grillwalker


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