The No Remix for Hunter Complex


Yes, from today you can buy and download me! I composed a remix for Hunter Complex,  titled “Serious Glass”.
(with additional productions by Salvador Breed)

Last year on SOTU Festival I met Hunter Complex and he was so charmed by my music,
he asked me to make a remix of his track and so I used the original stem of his voice.
I recomposed the whole track by myself, adding extra layers of sound and few effects, leaning on the original scale / tones of the track.It is out now via Narrominded. The Hours, with also remix by Drvg Cvlture.
or for reposting on soundcloud listen here:


The No is an audio graphical project by Tamara van der Laarse. It started when she designed record sleeves for a non-existing artist: The No, conceptually and typographically referring to desires like ‘no fame’ and ‘no label’. The No is reflecting a desire, a missing element that could turn into the opposite. In 2005 The No actually turned into something real, when she started to compose sounds. The first concept was secret love songs for no boyfriends, a classic method of dealing with artistic expression. The No went from having no fans or followers, to people liking her music. The No is electronic, rhythmic, heavy layered, elegantly composed and a little weird. Tamara van der Laarse also organizes parties under the name Club Lederhosen, a seductive night with dj’s and performances, visuals artists and designers.


Subjectivisten describe my voluptuous beats and compares it with VNV Nation, Joy Division en Clan Of Xymox…

Writteninmusic: “Serious Glass werd door het audio-grafische project The No onder handen genomen. Dit resulteert in een flinke EBM en darkwave-injectie die er mag wezen. Vergeleken met de albumversie is deze single-versie beduidend meer upfront. Prima remix.”


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