Handless DJ (mini interview)



 ‘It’s all about consciousness, working, sharing and learning. Something I keep on believing nowadays.”

Handless DJ is one of my good friends and favourite djs from the Brussels underground (yes I know I have a thing for Belgian dj’s 😉 ), he will be playing at SOTU ‘s 3rd edition on the 18th. of April, OT301 / the Peper. I though it would be nice to have a little interview with monsigneur Saccomano: (I took a sneaky photo of him, while he was shopping for records at Rush Hour)

Can you tell us a little but about you, where did your obsession for music come from?
Obsession for music? I don’t know what you’re talking about, haha…
Well I guess it all came with the radio show I had back when I was 17. There was this book, “banned in DC” about the 80’s seminal hardcore scene in Washington, just pictures featuring early Bad Brains, the Dischord nebula and so on.. I felt something about it, something strong about youth, about social bonds and historical situation something fascinating about the past I was truly not able to live again. We were the younger guys on this long independant radio in Tours, (France) and I guess it started it all.
One of my best friend happened to buy some Technics and started to collect heavy funk classic, 90s hiphop and soulfull records. He did not tell his parents so we decided to put them in my house in the countryside. Later on he got his hiphop show (which he’s still running nowadays) on the same radio. The idea was to collect the biggest amount of records, books, fanzines, tapes and compilations in concerts, record shops in Paris and locked myself up for a few days in the countryside swallowing all this culture to prepare the show on Saturday. Back then, I remember treasuring those time by myself as a mean to grow up and learn and a source of self confidence as well. I steadily switched from being a passive listener to the actor role, starting to organize non profit shows, writing in fanzines, etc..
I have to be thankful for the people I met who believed in me and pushed me going further from my first gig here in Brussels where I couldn’t beatmatch some 90bpm real drumming and some 130bpm electro punk stuffs (thus my name… hihi) to the meeting of Stel-R, Lazer and his Holland-Germany connections, Soumaya Pheline, Boubastar, the Köln scene, Walrus, Kid Strike and so on.. It’s all about consciousness, working, sharing and learning. Something I keep on believing nowadays.


Photo credit: Pierre Noisiez

How important is underground culture for you?
I come from a DIY culture. From our self financed former project High Needs Low, where we had to build everything from scratch in a train station to nowadays scenography with homemade papier maché planets, we always invested sweat and energy trying to propose something different than regular clubbing parties. I pay very much attention with the location and I swore myself never to fantasize a line up if the ‘proper conditions’ were not gatherered to enjoy artists I like. I love to play with the turntables set on the crowd level, it’s a dialogue not a preacher sermon, we need to brake this elite thing.. well, I’m not very tall neither, it’s quite frustrating not to be able to see the people you’re playing for… I don’t really feel comfortable in festival with massive stages and complete dehumanization. I’d like to see myself as a Brussels’ resident. I can play different sets depending on the context, the location, the time and the general atmosphere. I don’t want to be branded as a consumable product, I guess some newcomers able to beatmatch and put a few kicks line on ableton are eager to launch a so called career (what a gross word..) and it can clearly be a source of disappointment, frustration, jalousy and so on.. They tend to forget the progression on a human scale, I like to keep a naïve and simple approach considering every new set as a personal challenge. This is proper fun and I’m very grateful being able to travel a bit and share this fun and learn from the people I meet.

If your house is on fire, which records would you save (name at least 3)
3 records… Mmmh… Tough question. That would be Minor Threat eponymous 7inch,  Waneexa, The man from colours, and The Lifestyles of a Laptop Café by The Other People Place. Wish I can take more but we also have a lil’ rabbit to rescue from the flames.

Any acts you are looking forward to see while you are visiting the festival?
Well, very much looking forward to see my friend Ekoplekz, recently saw him with Bass Clef for a Meakusma night, very nice experimental jam.
Terekke of course! He rocked the Bepotel release party last summer. ShipWrec dj as well,  I really like the label releases, lots of freaky stuffs! Familiar with Oubys and the Testoon family, Quite curious about the Noodlebar collective, Torquemada and Gartmalen of course!! Happy to share the stage with good friends The No and house vet’ Nikolai! And leaving some space for surprises and discoveries!

Handless DJ at SOTU, Friday 18th /

Red Light Radio (With Club Lederhosen) 15:00 – 16:00

OT301 / de Peper, 00:45, http://www.sotufestival.com/2014


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