Seduction pt 1 was a huge succes

Seduction pt 1 was a huge succes! Thanks again to all artists, Interstellar Funk, Orgue Electronique, Veronica Vasicka for her amazing set that really gave it that rough edgy vibe.


Photo’s online on Knekelhuisdisco page and here some of the photos of my collaboration with fashion designer Verena Michels, who carefully created these outfits for the mini performance. The NO (that is me) designed the sound and was part of the whole thing.

Verena Michels is currently based in Berlin. She studied at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and at the Gerrit Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam. Her work is based on experimental material studies that result in garments, objects, interior pieces or installations. Her goal is to make her work accessible for a wide audience and to empower consumers by letting them take an active role in the production process.








Seduction pt 1 was highlighted on Elle’s blog as the party for the weekend before NYE.Elle_feesttip



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