10 May – OT301 – SOTU Festival – The KVB (dj support The No)


I’m proud to take part of the 2nd edition of the SOTU Festival (Sounds OF The Underground), as a marketing & communications, but also as a curator. I have booked The KVB (UK), a gloomy shoegazy duo, who sound as seductive as their synthesizers and reverb. Just released their remix album on Minimal Wave. (which happened to be one of my favourite radioshows and lables) I was supporting The Soft Moon earlier this week and played some of the KVB’s tracks, and some people in the audience loved it. Some people told me afterwards they shazammed me, but could not figure it out. Glad I remembered what I played, so I guess this band has a new fan! (see photo) I’ll be supporting them as The No at the SOTU in the OT301, 10th May, looking forward so much tot the festival.

Also I booked Red Stars Over Tokyo, ambient post techno from Belgium, he will be performing around 21:00, also OT301. And later that night you can hop on your bike towards the OCCII, with dj Mark van de Maat (Knekelhuisdisco) for some darkwave, postpunk and perhaps some italodisco? Rude 66 wil take around 01:30, he will be spinning some records too.




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