17 April – Sugar Factory – Club Lederhosen Electro De Merde

Rege Satanas (has over 88 shows on Red Light Radio) & WIERTZ are taking over the lederhosen this time,  beware for them boys who are both music collectors (the word obsessed does not even come close to this description) and they will provide you with a selection of some of their finest records.

Rege: Joris Dirven-Bizar-Jootje-Reggie- Father-Husband-Brother-Son-Friend-Concerto-Recordstore-Vinyljunkie-Music-Soundtracks-Metal-Rap-World-Weird-Reggae-Electronic-Pop-Every Genre-Movies-Dutch-70′s Classics-Horror-Science Fiction-Cult-Avant Garde-War-Comedy-Documentary-Series-Compulsive Collector-Vinyl-DVD’s-Camouflage Uniforms-WW2 Material-T-Shirts-Sneakers-Insects-Books-Dumb and unnescessary shit in general-Art-Paintings-Sculptures-Graffiti-Drawings-Handyman-Nice Food-Junk Food-Beer-Beer-Beer-Weed-Drug User-Couch Potato-Movie Watcher-Music Listner-Concert Visitor-Uden-s’Hertogenbosch-Amsterdam-Redlight RadioAbout


WIERTZ: Loves many classic tracks you normally would not hear on the dance floor, from the new wave era to contemporary dubtechno and various epic electronic records. Producer of electronic pumpin’ duo DC20 and a real music freak.


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