7 Nov – Sugar Factory – Electro De Merde – A’dam v.s Brussels

Electro De Merde! (referance to quote by Laurent Garnier on EDM)
7 th Nov 2012 / Amsterdam v.s Brussels, with special guests:

HANDLESS DJ (High Needs Low / Brussels)
Handless dj is host and resident from High Needs Low collective, Brussels. Heavy record collector he likes to push the boundaries of a set, playing on colours and drama. Might be house, techno, dub, he enjoys bringing his listeners in some places they don’t expect to catch them back on a groovy 303 flavored vibe. No wannabe beatport carrier, just sheer fun, the way it should be.

WALRUS (Bepotel / Brussels)
Serving music with enough thought, reason and soul to keep your head and feet floating above the thrill waves of his antarctic biotope. Slowly melting sunbeams on an ice mountain make you find yourself in a warm bath of sounds, grooves and spaces. Together with his friends sagat and &apos he is running “bepotel“, a record label where they draw sonic influences from a broad range of styles as wide as Ambient, leftfield House and analogue Funk. Walrus also has band together with ciska thomas, “bright entity”. They play (old-school) synthesizers, drum machines and they sing.

DC20 (Mokum Bloody Beats, live)
Local electro techno duo who rock ‘n pump their mokum bloody beats.

Lazer (Kleve / Amsterdam)
Ex-punk band drummer / producer who loves to transfrom any space into an instant disco. Plays psychedelic disco & techno with sleazy basslines and strange mindblowing airplane interludes.

Reefteef (Amsterdam)
Likes it rough & hard, anything danceable, from new beat to catchy electro, new wave, or experimental stuff.

Wiertz (Amsterdam)
Loves many classic tracks you normally would not hear on the dance floor, from the new wave era to contemporary dubtechno and various epic electronic records. Producer of electronic pumpin’ duo DC20 and a real music freak.


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